Drive Cleaning


Is your driveway, path or patio looking dirty and neglected? Are your paved surfaces slippery in damp weather due to algae, moss or grime? Let PDP Mechanical and Electrical restore and rejuvenate your paved or block surfaces.

Our driveway cleaning and maintenance service restores your driveway, path or patio by removing years of dirt, oil and grease as well as weeds, moss and algae. Our surface cleaning solution gives a really deep clean and reduces unnecessary dirty water to surrounding areas due to the outer skirt on the machine.

To keep your new or cleaned driveway, path or patio looking like new, why not have it sealed? PDP Mechanical and Electrical apply two coats of a clear solvent free acrylic resin coating to seal and protect paving from the effects of sunlight, water, petrol and lichen growth. The resultant film is a hard wearing water repellent film which has a low sheen/matt slip resistant finish.

All tools and cleaning agents are suitable for almost any surface, won’t leave striping effects, are environmentally friendly and are non chemical, preventing any damage to surrounding areas, grass, plants, fish ponds or wildlife. You wouldn’t know we had been except for a gleaming clean and restored driveway, path or patio!